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plswiss about
plswiss about
Brand new equipment is a part from the original manufacturer and left in its original box sealed with the manufacturer label.

PLSWISS, which is registered as an alternative supplier, wants to provide the most comprehensive solution to its customers. Thus we have many new parts in stock. But in order to meet the maximum demands of our customers we have created partnerships with the largest manufacturers (SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER ...).

We are able to offer our customers equipment directly from the manufacturer at competitive prices. Our network leads us in some cases to become more competitive than the manufacturer on the proposed delay through parallel channels.
We are able to adapt to each of our clients and to look for contracts with new builders. As a result, we can become a pillar for the supply of obsolete and current electronic equipment.

Our flexibility is a major advantage because we are able to buy from anywhere on the planet, so you get rid of risks with the seller (we are the ones who take them), pay in all currencies or with currency electronic, to manage transport and customs in order to provide you with a quality product, corresponding to your expectations within the deadlines that we have determined together.