The planned obsolescence in the industrial environment is not a myth. We are confronted daily. Despite the efforts of some to constantly migrate to current solutions, all companies have at least obsolete equipment.

It hides in multiple forms: no spare parts available, incompatibilities with new equipment, ...

More recently, standard exchange services have emerged. The principle is simple, during a breakdown, the supplier sells you a spare part to quickly troubleshoot you and then recovers your defective equipment in order to restore it and thus maintain constant inventory levels.

This solution is part of a virtuous system for all: the industrial is quickly repaired, its costs are reduced compared to the raw purchase of a part, it avoids an increase in its carbon footprint by throwing the bucket breakdown. For its part, the supplier creates a dynamics of rolling stocks and this also allows him to maintain his stock level on the parts sold.

PLSWISS is one of those innovative companies that can offer you these types of services and help you find short-, medium- and long-term alternatives to manage the obsolescence of your industrial electronic equipment on your production machines.

We offer fully reconditioned parts and guaranteed 12 months.

Diagram of refurbishing equipment

  • Used or broken equipment

  • Diagnostic

  • Breakdown treatment

  • Complete preventive action

  • Cleaning

  • Test

  • Repackaging

  • Refurbished equipment guaranteed 12 months