The refurbishing, this term appears more and more in our personal lives with the arrival of parallel markets in the mobile telephony for example.

Refurbishing is very often a choice that is technical, ecological, financial, it takes a competitive place in specific market segments.

We asked ourselves the right questions in an industrial context :

Can not equipment that works and is intended to be thrown used for others?
Is it a reliability solution?
Can we offer financially competitive solutions to what exists on the market?
Are we responding to a consumer demand?
Of course the answer to his questions is YES !
Today's industry is changing, but is still increasingly limited in these investments. So to maintain competitiveness the manufacturer will have to provide powerful tools but it does not mean all the time to have the latest generation equipment but to have a reliable equipment over time.

It is in this context that the refurbishing returns to track: to be able to acquire obsolete equipment or not at a lower price but reliable and in short time.

The refurbishing is to take a piece of equipment (in our case electronic) and to follow a value chain in order to make it reliable and offer a qualitative service and guarantees.

Thus the refurbishing steps are as follows :


All equipment is first diagnosed in order to know their basic conditions and adapt the services accordingly.


The equipment undergoes a battery of technical interventions, changing the so-called "perishable" components over time in order to extend their life.


The equipment is all cleaned in bacteriological baths or with specific and dedicated products to protect it from grease, corrosion, dust ...


The equipment is then tested to validate the proper functioning of the equipment


The end element is not insignificant to ensure a long-term storage of equipment and thus extend their life.
Refurbished equipment is often connoted to used equipment but the nuances are enormous. Indeed, following this strict process we easily notice the differences between these two benefits.

Nowadays taking the opportunity niche does not meet the expectations of manufacturers who put the long-term reliability of a product at the same level as its cost

One quickly notices the scope that the repackaging can have :

Controlled obsolescence management
Prolongation of the life of production machinery
Time shift of machine modernization investments
In some cases, reduced production downtime (if equipment is available from the manufacturer within 3 weeks and refurbished equipment is available for the next day)

Diagram of refurbishing equipment

  • Used or broken equipment

  • Diagnostic

  • Breakdown treatment

  • Complete preventive action

  • Cleaning

  • Test

  • Repackaging

  • Refurbished equipment guaranteed 12 months