Retrofit - Revamping - Modernization


PLSWISS is part of a broad and global offer strategy. We have technicians and stock of obsolete equipment which allows us to answer to manufacturers who have chosen to live with the obsolescence of their machines. Others, on the other hand, will make the opposite choice and wish to eliminate the nascent obsolescence to secure or improve the profitability of the production tool. In this context, it is therefore necessary to retrofit, revamp or modernize.

But what are the differences ?

Retrofit: this involves modernizing an installation with current products without having to modify the programming.
Revamping: this involves modernizing an installation with current products by making the necessary modifications to the programming.
We offer a complete and tailor-made service to meet your specifications as closely as possible. We operate in all sectors, on all types of machines and work with a wide range of brands.

Our operation

We manage a project as a whole following a well-defined process :
1On-site visit and photo taking
2Edition of a specification
3Creation of a pre-study
4Realization complete study
5On-site project installation
Once the project is validated, we proceed as follows :
1Planning steps with the customer
2Preparation and testing of items internally
3On-site assembly of the entire project
4Functional tests of the different equipments
5Production start of the machine